Friday, September 4, 2009

Medallions of Honor

21st Birthday Medallion Cake
Irish Stout chocolate cake; Godiva chocolate liqueur frosting

This cake, when we first received the order, was a little daunting. When a beauty queen's proud mother requested a cake for 30 with 21 unique medallions, a quote, and a bow, I was pretty nervous that it might end up looking cluttered and messy. I must admit that we were very happy to turn out such a fun cake that was so meaningful to the birthday girl and her mother.

Edible Gumpaste Bow
It's shiny and sparkley!

This fun, feminine cake packed a pretty strong punch: Both the cake and the frosting had enough liquer in them that I joked with my co-workers about not drinking and driving after eating it. The result, though, was incredible. This has officially surpassed our vanilla cupcakes as my new favorite SHAM Bakery dessert.

Here are close-ups of some of our favorite medallions from the cake. It was really hard to choose since each of them got so much attention (each one was piped, then painted). I think the medallion with the quilted Chanel bag was my favorite, though. In order, they symbolized an angel, the Coast Guard, purses, a pageant crown, and Texas.

My 21st birthday included getting pepper sprayed by LAPD while completely sober.
Godiva chocolate frosting sounds a lot more appealling.

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