Monday, May 10, 2010

A Disney Disaster

A Beast of a Cake
Yellow cake; chocolate frosting

This cake was the centerpiece of the Alamo Heights High School theater department's dessert gala for the opening of their production of Beauty and the Beast earlier this year. The eventwas decorated beautifully: the lobby was filled with candles, roses, and desserts as opening night patrons exited the theater.

Our favorite part of this project was the tallest tower with back-lit, edible "stained glass" rose window. Walls were covered with crawling vines, tiny gumpaste roses and small gumpaste figurines of the Beast and Belle (complete with gratuitous cleavage) stood on the top balcony, looking over the castle grounds.

Be our guest and enjoy these pictures of edible Beast and Belle
and the back-lit, edible "stained glass" window.

Cake and Kids: A Tale as Old as Time

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