Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Delectable Hole-in-One

TPC San Antonio
Golf Bag Cake
The Tournament Players Clubs (TPC) recently decided to open a club in San Antonio and guess who got to make a cake for the grand opening?! Some other bakery in town! Just kidding - they picked the best bakery in town - us! (Hey, I never said we were the most modest...)

The cake ended up looking great - it was really clean and simple but (despite what the picture may look like) had some really great details. "Seams" followed all the edges of the different colors of fondant and the silver buckles and edible golf clubs that we added to the golf bag cake looked really great. Everything down to the piped grass on the cake board was precise and detailed.

TPC logo, edible golf ball on edible grass, silver buckle
My favorite quote from this project:
"I've decided that all golf bags look like fertility statues."


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