Thursday, August 27, 2009

I dough.

All throughout the learning stages of cake-ing, there has been one thing that has made Sydney and me nervous: the wedding cake. We love bright, vibrant colors and weird shapes (eye cake, anyone?) but we knew the day would come when we needed to buckle down and learn how to make white-on-white as cool as a tiki wearing a sombrero. I think we're well on our way...

White Peacock Wedding Cake

This cake was - by far - my favorite of the wedding cakes we've done. The cake has some of the white-on-white curly piping that's popular on many traditional wedding cakes. Instead of just leaving it at that, however, we added white, gumpaste peacocks with pearly feathers. I can't wait to give this cake another go. The next time I do it, I want to have the two peacocks sitting on the top with their feathery tails cascading down opposite sides of the cake. It's going to be stunning! I can't wait for someone to order another cake like this.

I have to draw attention to something freaky in the picture: doesn't it look like the cake is magically floating off the table. I swear it wasn't Photoshopped - just my poor photography skills, folks! The flowers on top were beautiful, purple gerbera daisies.

This cake was a traditional design - swirly, white piping on a white cake with white ribbon - that we funked up a little with pearly dragees. (You know those silver balls that you see on cakes sometimes and wonder, "Are those edible?" They are. And they're called dragees.) I probably would've added a thousand more swirlies but Sydney is good about reminding me that "less is more" and that I needn't add every curly accessory I can find just because I can.

This was a very clean, modern wedding cake - perfect for those who want to feed a lot of people on a tighter budget. The focus of this cake was the flowers - perfect for a late summer or fall wedding.

Eat cake and be merry.

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  1. Your cake is beautiful!