Monday, July 20, 2009

Beam me up, Sydney!

Star Trek "Amok Time" cake
Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves making a geocaching cake for a little girl's birthday party. This week, it was a 1st generation Star Trek cake for a little boy's party. Stone, like many people in the 1960's, is OBSESSED with Star Trek. And he is quite the dedicated little Trekkie - he specifically asked his mom for a Star Trek cake like from "the scene where Kirk and Spock are fighting over the mean lady who didn't even want Spock." Too cute to say no to!

The Vulcan planet in the Star Trek episode, "Amok Time"
where all the action of the cake takes place

One of the Star Trek aficionados at the party marveled at how we "captured the low-budget style of the original series" in the scenery. Rice Krispies saved the day yet again. The best part of this cake was seeing the birthday boy light up when he saw his cake... and when he laughed himself silly at the thought of eating Captain Kirk (which he did with great pleasure - sorry William Shatner).

Live long and prosper.

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  1. Love it! I wanna chop T'Pring's head off... 'mean lady' is too nice a term for her!